ARRA User Migrate – how to create a CSV file on a Mac

If you are creating a .CSV file on MAC, please be sure that you are using the option Save As = CSV (Windows), otherwise the format will not be correctly recognized by ARRA User Migrate, .CSV Import.

The same problem is in Linux also (Open Office). It is because Windows uses different End Of Line character than unix-based operating systems, so end of line is not recognized in CSV Import and all fields are treated as columns.

If your Excel don’t have Save As = CSV (Windows) option, use any of the advanced MAC text editors like Textmate or free TextWrangler. Open the .csv file that Excel generated, go to “Save As” and you should be able to save the same file with the correct line endings.

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My user account is not working?

If you created an account before 28 September 2016 you may have some issues when you want to sign in. We upgraded website and some account get lost 🙁 But, Please do not worry – just send an email to and we will fix this issue. Thank you for understanding 🙂

I want to export users from the Joomla! 2.5 site to my new site Joomla! 3.x do i need 2 licences for this?

NO, you don’t, in the package are both Joomla! version