Working with custom users fields is not for everyone, you should have some Joomla! knowledge and know what custom fields mean for a Joomla! user. When you try to import a file from another site where the users have some custom fields (custom fields = other user fields than the default Joomla!) you may fail and you may see an error message like:

“You have fields that are not from the user database table. For accepted fields click on the link View user fields from the database from the Import CSV”/”TXT file format panel. The following fields are unknown:……..”

this can mean two things:
1. you didn’t created these fields
2. you didn’t exported sample file

IMPORTANT! Joomla User -> Profile plugin must be enabled – Extensions ->Plug-in Manager ->filter by user type ->User- Profile ->enable it.

1. How to create custom user fields using ARRA User Migrate in Joomla 3.x
– click on “User profile Fields” tab
– then go to “Add new User Profile Fields”
– choose the number of the new user profile fields you want to add
– add details and Save.

new user profile joomla 3.x

2. Export a sample file.
As soon you added all custom user fields using ARRA User Migrate, go to “User Export” tab and do an export that include those fields. Then, you will have a file that have inside the custom fields data (***** lines that are after must remain in place, are needed for import). In this file just add all your users, line by line and import them.

custom field export joomla 3.x

You can see the new custom profile fields at the top and also see them at the bottom, DO NOT DELETE LINES AFTER *****, they are needed there, just insert additional lines above them, lines that contain your users.

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