ARRA Articles Module – Module Layout Options

ARRA Articles module for Joomla! 3 come with built in layouts so you can choose the one who will fit your Joomla! website layout.

In this section of module we can select a layout for our module (module come with 11 default layouts), we can set a title/header for layout (is not the same like module title you set on left side) and we can set columns number (how many rows/columns to be shown).

arra module layout options

Select Layout – module will install with layout 1 set as default, just “Click to select Layout” – a gray box will open and you can choose another one, just click on radio button under the layout you like.

NOTE: if you want another layout (arrangement) just contact us with a simple sketch and we will create it for you.

Layout Name option, (module header) will show the name you set just above articles rows – if you “Click to set options” you can see you can choose to display it or not (default value is on Yes but if you don’t write a name nothing will be shown), you can add a URL (please start it with http://) you can set alignment, you can set “Layout Name Background Color:” and “Layout Name Text Color: “, and you can add a custom CSS class for it. Be aware that if you set a custom CSS class there, the styles from CSS file will be ignored.

layout name options

Layout Columns will set the number of columns in module. If module is set to be shown on left/right side template positions, then you can let it 1 because there is no room for more columns, but if you assign module in content page, on a wider position then you can play with more columns (2 or 3 will be the best option maybe).


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