Joomla 3.X User Migrate – Delete users feature

ARRA User Migrate – delete Joomla! users tab.

joomla 3 delete users

By default no Super Users accounts will be deleted but please be very careful when you are using delete users button and use only if you know what you are doing, we are not responsible if you will delete users by mistake, maybe the best option is to make a database backup before you will use it.

Main features:

Delete Joomla! 3.x users by Groups – this option will delete users that are under a chosen group – by checking any group from list, will delete users that are assigned to that group. If is no check box in front of the group name mean that there are no Joomla! users under it.

Register Date – will delete users in given range date.

Last Visit Date – will delete users that have at least one visit OR no visit.

Activated Users – will delete Activated Users OR only Pending ones.

Block/Unblock – will delete blocked OR no blocked users.

Delete Joomla! users by username – there is a search filter, you can search for a username and delete users from displayed list.