Joomla 3 User Migrate

ARRA User Migrate

  • Use ARRA User Migrate to import users to Joomla!® 3.X from any .CSV or .txt file;
  • Use ARRA User Migrate to import users from Joomla!® 2.5 to Joomla!® 3.X;
  • Use ARRA User Migrate to move users from Joomla!® 3.x to Joomla!® 3.X;
  • Use ARRA User Migrate to export users in .CSV, .txt, MySQL format.

ARRA User Migrate is Joomla!® 2.5&3.x compatible.

Only $ 9.99 – both Joomla!® versions included in the package

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Joomla 3 User module

ARRA Articles module


Enhance your Joomla!® with our ARRA Articles module.

  • Use ARRA Articles module on your Joomla!® 3.X site
  • ARRA Articles module include 11 free layouts for your news display!
  • ARRA Articles module is integrated with Joomla!®, K2, and EasyBlog.


ARRA Articles module is Joomla!® 2.5&3.x compatible

Only $ 9.99 – both Joomla!® versions included in the package

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Joomla 3 social promote

Social Media Promoter


Promote your Joomla!® or K2 articles via Facebook, G+, Twitter and LinkedIn!




Social Media Promoter is Joomla!® 2.5&3.x compatible.

$ 19.99

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Joomla!® User Migrate

ARRA User Export Import is a Joomla! native back end component that allows you to export or import Joomla! users out of or into you website. It is very easy to manage and user friendly, you don’t have to worry if you have thousands of Joomla! users into your database, because ARRA User Migrate can handle it!

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Joomla!® Articles Module

ARRA Articles module is a Joomla!® 2.5 and 3.X native module.
Module will install 11 different layouts by default, please notice that you must have some CSS knowledge to customize them, there are not automated CSS classes.
Components (content) supported by module: Joomla!®, K2, EasyBlog.

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Joomla!® Social Media Promoter

Connect your website with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and G+!

Automatically promote your content on the top 4 social platforms.

Scheduled posting with no special server settings needed.

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They have said it!

Great lifesaver
I needed to migrate from a Typo3 system to Joomla. Had 600 paying customers that i needed to migrate.
The data set in Typo3 is totally different, so i needed a good tool, or i would be facing some serious SQL statements all night. I purchased ArraUserMigrate. It allowed me to create new User Account fields so i could match the two data sets. Perfect!

Kristian Søgaard

Excellent functionality and support
I needed to import names in Hebrew and found the UTF-8 feature useful and easy to use. All went smooth and the import proces ended swiftly.
Easy to use, well documented and intuitive.
Got a fast reply and the developer contacted me again to make sure the issue was solved.
Great product for a small price.

Yoram Schaffer

Really clean interface
I have to say I had my doubts that there was a component out there that would allow me to import a CSV file with plain passwords and when imported they would be properly encrypted.
Glad I was wrong!


Perfect solution for CSV import
I just needed something simple to import a list of users and email addresses to a 2.5 site. Instructions were simple to follow and everything worked perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised that the software then sent an email to each new registered user with their login and password.

Donna Bryant