ARRA Articles module

joomla-news-article-joomla3ARRA Articles module for Joomla! 3.X, will help you to organize your Joomla! content in a more better way on your site, you can promote your Joomla!, K2, EasyBlog articles/items in one place, on a single or more Joomla! pages. DEMO SITE

I know each above extension have his modules but why don’t manage a single module instead of three? And more then this, with ARRA Articles module you can style each module in the way you want, there are no limitation.

You just need to install module, choose the extension from were articles are pulled, choose which items to display and choose from ready 11 layouts. You want more layouts? then, just contact us.

With minimal CSS knowledge, your layout module will be unique, you can stylize any line of content or images; in this way your site will be very different from your friend one even you are using the same module! No CSS knowledge? no problems, just contact us and we will show you how to do, is very easy and you will be proud that site layout is done by YOU.

With our module your K2 featured items can be on the same page with EasyBlog ones, also articles/items can be shown in a wide variety of forms and colors; you can show only articles images, only article title and images, only introtext…. really there are no limitations and this is because can be created any layout and each have is own CSS file. This mean that you may have in the same page, three or more instances of ARRA Articles module but each will be unique shown – unique layout, colors, arrangement, informations… and is the same for Joomla!, K2 and Easy Blog items.

You will get all above plus one year full support for a domain, our programmers will help you right away with any info, with any module customization or advices.