ARRA Articles Module – Articles/Items Layout Options

Down to the Articles/Items Layout Options – we can see that we can set a number of options to articles that show up in the module.

# Show Title: Yes No – show or not articles or items Titlejoomla 3 articles items options# Title CSS class: – you can assign a custom CSS class to Title
# Show Author: Yes No – show or not the articles Author
# Show Date: Yes No – show or not the creation date
# Show Category: Yes No – show or not the category name from were article is
# Show Voting: Yes No – support for Joomla! voting feature (not available for EasyBlog type)
# Show Hits: Yes No – show or not how many hits have an article
# Intro-text characters: – set how many characters to be shown
# Intro-text CSS class: – you can set a custom CSS class for intro-text shown