ARRA Articles Module – quick tutorial

Once you download our ARRA Articles module, just go to administrator area of your Joomla! site and open Extension manager tab – upload mod_arraarticles_…………zip package like any other Joomla extension, then go to Extensions -> Module manager.

Filtering by ARRA, you will see our module unpublished. Just open it and you will see main options page:

Joomla news module

We can start to customize our module.

1. Article Selection Options

Step 1. We should start by selecting component from were we want to show articles, there are three options for now: Joomla! content, K2 content and EasyBlog. If you choose K2 but is not installed, you should see a red color warning: This component is not installed! Click here to download!, otherwise there is no warning and you can go to step 2.

Joomla module k2

Step 2. We should choose the way that we will get articles for module, there are three options: by article ID, by Category or Featured. You don’t need to know articles id’s, just click on “Click to select Articles/Items ID“, a gray box will open and you can select one by one or multiple. If you want to select articles from categories, just select one category or multiple and click on “Click here to set options

Categories options:
joomla categories option

Featured Options:
joomla 3 module featured option

Once we have set “Article Selection Options” we should go to:

Module Layout Options

We prepared 8 layouts for module, we will add more in future, you just need to send us your choice and we will implement it. For now, you just “Click to select layout

joomla 3 module layout option

see what option will be the best for you and just click on radio button, that layout will be automated selected for your module.

Just under is “Layout name” you can set a title/heading for your module (is not module title that you can show/hidde from left options), and “Click here to set options” will allow you to show or no the name, to put a link on it, to align (left, center, right) or to assign a custom CSS class.

Also, a very important option is to set layout columns, this will display articles on one or more columns, depending of the space you have for module. If you want to publish module on side (left/right) position, then the best choice is 1 column, if you publish module on a position in the middle of the page then you can have 2, 3 or more columns.

Articles/Items Layout Options

With this section we will start more in deep customization on module.joomla 3 module articles option

# Show Title: Yes No
# Title CSS class:
# Show Author: Yes No
# Show Date: Yes No
# Show Category: Yes No
# Show Voting: Yes No
# Show Hits: Yes No
# Intro-text characters:
# Intro-text CSS class:

Image settings

In this section you can manage images that appear in your module articles.

Read More Settings

You can easy manage “Read More” link at the end of article.

Pagination Settings

In case you want to show more articles but keep module simple (2X2 rows/columns), then you can use navigation through module.